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The Right Combination For Growing Businesses

An up to date Website plus Google Advertising. Having current information and pictures is important, so is making sure your website is accessible to your target market. Without the right promotion your website won't bring in new customers. You need it to be seen on the first page of Google responding to the right keywords.

We've Included The Essentials

Your website looks professional, is branded with your colours and photos, you can keep it updated and the Google advertising is performance based. So, like a pre-paid phone card, we give you the first $50 then if it results in new customers (that's a resounding yes or our customers so far), you can top-up your account with an amount of your choice.

Keeping It Simple

When someone visits your website, forgive the expression, it's like a monkey looking for a banana. The most important thing is to have some recent pictures and some key information. We have found that to gain credibility, 5 pages of information covering the who, what, where and why of your business along with some examples, is very effective in generating new leads.

For The Right Price

Don't pay thousands of dollars for a website that no-one visits, and don't attract new customers. Instead for only $650 you have a website that gets you more business, puts your business name out there, and helps you grow as well as your customers.

It's Easy!

All we need is your logo, any brochuresand some pictures to create a banner. If you don't have these, we have a great resource to find professional photos related to your business. Also, if you already have a domain name, we ask for the username and password for your domain name, that can also be re-issued if you don't have it.

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