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Can my website be hosted elsewhere other than 5 Pages hosting?

No. In the best inerest of our customers we have created a custom-built content management system so you can do your own updates in your own time. This is a database-driven feature that is purpose-built on our dedicated server. There are other content management systems out there that you can move around from host to host but not ours. For this reason, we have kept our prices competitive we believe and trust that the benefits outweight any inconvenience. We only use a high-quality secured webhost based in Sydney that is monitored 24/7 and backed up daily.

Can my emails remain with my current webhost and just my website be hosted with you?

Certainly. This requires some configuration on the part of the company that hosts your domain name. Usually customers may request this if they have a number of users already setup and they don't want to change anything.

Will my website appear in Google on the first page?

For your company name, usually the website will appear on the first page often in the top position. This depends on a number of factors including

  • your domain name
  • the number of websites linking back to your website, their industry relevance and their ranking in Google.
  • the number of resources online that link back to your website such as articles that have the key-phrase that you want to be rated in Google for as part of the link.
  • the content within your page containing the key terms you'd like to promote.
  • the structure of your web page including heading, meta tags, titles and links containing that phrase.

For key terms other than your business name this requires an intentional effort to boost your ratings and can take 3-6 months to see any significant progress. Our starting price for this is usually around $2000 and doesn't come with any guarantees. Everyone wants to be on the first page so it's usually very competitive although we do have the techniques to provide value for money in this area.

Can i add pages or features to my website later on?

Certainly. We can provide a quote for website upgrades and add many kinds of features, such as customer logins, animations, forms, links to social media etc.

What about Google Adwords?

To accelerate your website and have an instant first-page ranking, you can pay for google adwords. this is a pay-per-click service that allows you to choose how much you spend on online advertising.

An ad is created for your website and placed in google. If the cost per click is $0.50 and you have decided to pay a maximum of $5 per day for 20 days. Then your account is debited $100 with the guarantee of at least 200 visitors to your website.

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