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5 Pages
Suite 302, 33 Lexington Drive
Bella Vista
NSW 2153
Ph: 0416 812 513
Fax: 02 9686 7544

Principal: Sorna Devadas
Email: sorna@5pages.com.au

Alternatively, you can use the form below, thank you.

About Us

Thank you for visiting the 5 Pages website. I\'m Sorna Devadas, owner of the business and am delighted to present this unique offer to you. Having completed a Computer Engineering degree over 5 years ago, coupled with a passion for seeing people succeed, I set about creating web sites that ranged in price from $800 to $8000 for small business to large corporations and also government entities. I noticed that not all customers were better-off because there was a lack of traffic through to their website. Gaining traffic, i came to realise, was a science in itself and unfortunately, most customers had already invested alot of money into their website so paying more to attract visitors seemed a big stretch.

The inspiration for 5 Pages was found while doing a Small Business Certificate designed for people looking to start their own business. Most of the participants were at their last throw of the dice and really needed to invest their limited advertising dollars wisely. Knowing that I knew about websites, most of the class asked me to get something together for them. Knowing the time involved to do 20 separate websites, we needed a system to retain the individual nature of each business, make each website look great and get them all done.

At the initial price of $100, only one participant took up the offer and they have never looked back. Most of their business comes through their website and they only spend $73 per month on their Google account. They have received numerous business awards and have appeared on television, all thanks to their website regularly appearing on the first page of google for the term \'clowns\'. It disappears once their daily budget is reached. They are The Clown Company and their website is www.TheClownCompany.com.au. Here is what June has to say:

\"My name is June Holmes part owner /manager of The clown company I have a website with 5 Pages and all my work comes from the website, I don\'t even ask the customer anymore. I can update my site with photos at any time and add more information and I have little knowledge of computers,and find it quite easy to use. Such a small outlay pays for itself in no time. Any problem you have 5 Pages owner Sorna Devadas is only to happy to help. It\'s the best investment you can have for your business!\"

Results do vary from different industries but we do give your business the best possible chance of securing more business through Google and at the end of the day, you have an awesome website that you can manage yourself and refer existing enquiries for more information. Whether you are a small business or a corporate entity looking to promote a product please do get in touch and help us clarify any questions.

Committed to Your Success,

Sorna Devadas






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